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is the perfect time; come to the perfect place for yoga

We are blessed to add yoga to the amazing offerings of the Eva Lanka resort in Tangalle, Sri Lanka. Located about three hours from the major city of Colombo, Tangalle affords the visitor unbelieveable beauty and affordable prices. Listed as the world's number one tourist destination by the New York Times, Sri Lanka is a country uncorrupted by industry and untrampled by tourists. It has the longest uninterrupted history of Buddhism of any nation on earth.

October, 2012  |

Fortify your yoga practice in stunning surroundings

About the place. Eva Lanka resort in Tangalle, Sri Lanka.

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About the yoga teacher. Kim Latford has been teaching yoga since 1999. She enjoys introducing new students to yoga and assisting them on a path to specific relief of back pain and the physical stresses that modern life imposes on the body. Kim especially enjoys restorative and gentle styles of yoga. She invites you to go "on beyond asana" and study the important texts of yoga with her during your stay.


About the Eva Lanka Hotel, Tangalle, Sri Lanka. Eva Lanka is a marvellous and very special place! It has a wonderful garden, fantastic views, good food and excellent service! The rooms are very clean and nice and comfortable furnished. We felt like King and Queen there....

Leo and Sabrina, Munich

About yoga instructor Kim Latford. Kim has the type of experience you want from an instructor, especially if you are concerned about injury. Kim Latford has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to yoga. She is not only certified to teach diverse styles but also has the credentials to certify other practitioners in the art of yoga. She knows how to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

Tara O, Florida

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